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Israeli Army Extracts Syrian Civil Defense Volunteers to Safety

Last Saturday evening, Israel evacuated around 800 civil defense volunteers—known as White Helmets for the color of their helmets—and their families. The White Helmets have been labeled as terrorists by the Syrian government. The 3,000-member group has saved more than 100,000 lives since they began. They are true Syrian heroes. The United States President and Europen countries petitioned Prime Minister Netanyahu to help evacuate them, as the Syrian forces would surely kill them.

Watch this video of Syrian families being evacuated and then given water by Israelis.

Syrian troops (backed by Russia) have been moving closer and closer to Syria’s southern towns. There was fear that the White Helmet rescue workers would be singled out by the Syrian army.

After the evacuees (many of them children) arrived at the border with Israel in the Golan Heights, Israel provided medical treatment to those in need as well as food and water. Then, they were transferred to Jordan via a convoy of buses.

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