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Israel is on the Brink of War

200 Rockets and Shells Fired at Israel Last Night!

Yesterday, over 200 rockets and shells were fired at Israeli citizens by Hamas, the terrorist group in Gaza. This entire summer Israel has faced rockets, arson kites and balloons, and other terrorist attacks. Thousands of acres of farmland and nature reserves on the border have been destroyed. 

The Iron Dome intercepted 30 rockets and most of the others hit vacant ground. However, 7 Israeli civilians were injured while 173 Red Alerts warned locals to take cover throughout the night. Most spent the night in bomb shelters. Many had to stand all night as there were not enough shelters to protect all that ran to one.

Song For Israel has donated two shelters in conjunction with Operation Lifeshield and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. More are needed as war options are being discussed. We have collected $14,500 toward our third shelter which is to be located in the Eskhol Region. This larger shelter costs $21,000. Time is of the essence. Please make a donation, large or small, to help save lives in Israel. Click here for more information.

Watch this video to see what children and families must do to protect themselves hundreds of times a day.

Below is a map of the section of Israel where rockets have landed.

Rockets Fired.jpg