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Prime Minister Netanyahu looks at the Syrian border from Northern Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu looks at the Syrian border from Northern Israel.

Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu said his country was prepared to escalate its attacks on Iranian military forces deployed in Syria, if necessary, to prevent Iran from entrenching itself in the war-torn country. Netanyahu met with IDF soldiers stationed in northern Israel on Sunday afternoon, 13 Jan 2019 as part of Operation Northern Shield, which was launched last month to locate and destroy cross-border terror tunnels built by Hezbollah from southern Lebanon into Israeli territory. During the tour Sunday, Netanyahu said the IDF was prepared to intensify its ongoing campaign against Iran’s Quds Force in Syria. “Israel struck an Iranian weapons depot at the Damascus International Airport. This is part of our policy and determined efforts to prevent Iran from establishing itself militarily in Syria. If need be, we will intensify our attacks.” Israeli forces struck several weapons depots on the outskirts of Damascus and in the al-Kissawa area late Friday night 11 Jan. 2019. Netanyahu added that while the Israeli army was completing Operation Northern Shield, the recent discovery of a sixth cross-border terror tunnel highlighted the need for continued vigilance along the northern border. "I think that everyone understands that a very serious threat was averted here. Hezbollah's operational plan was to use the tunnels to insert weapons and many fighters - between 1,000-2,000 terrorists - into the Galilee, to seize communities there. Everyone understands how the war would look if Hezbollah battalions were in the Galilee - and with the Iranian army opposite in the Golan Heights. We have prevented this – and will continue to prevent it." (Arutz-7)

Please pray for wisdom for this amazing leader in Israel and that God would protect the people of Israel.

In addition to prayer, you may want to contribute to the Song For Israel Bomb Shelter campaign. As things escalate on the Northern border of Israel, rockets will undoubtedly land within Israel from Syria and Iran. Once a rocket siren sounds, residents have between 7 - 10 seconds to locate a bomb shelter for protection. There are not enough shelters! Song For Israel has already placed two shelters in Israel and we are only $2,300 away from completing our third and largest shelter. To learn more, click here. To donate, click here.