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Syria Fired Missiles into Ski Area of the Golan Heights, Israel

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that their fighter jets targeted Iranian weapons’ storehouses, a training camp near Damascus, and intelligence facilities in response to Iran firing a missile at Israel the day before into the Golan Heights. It was aimed at the popular Hermon Ski Resort, which was full of visitors at the time. The Iron Dome intercepted the missile and lives were saved.

Snow Mt. Hermon.jpg

During the strike, Syria fired missiles back. As a result, a number of Syrian air defense batteries were also attacked,” the IDF said.

“The Iranian attack on Israeli territory yesterday was more clear proof of the purpose of Iran’s efforts to entrench itself in Syria, and the danger this poses to the State of Israel and regional stability,” the army said in a statement Monday.

With bombardments coming from the north as well as the regular attacks from Gaza, more bomb shelters are needed in Israel. The Iron Dome does not intercept all incoming missiles. Once the sirens sound, residents have only seconds to find shelter, if one is even available.

Song For Israel has been asked to help. Due to generous donations, we have already placed two shelters in Israel. We are now asking for donations to help pay for the largest shelter available through Operation Lifeshield. We have 89% of required funds collected but still need $2,300. We would like to be able to hand the funds over at our March event when the Executive Director of Operation Lifeshield will be visiting us.

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Praise God that the Iron Dome intercepted the missile on Sunday. Please pray that God continues to protect His people and His land.