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Hamas Warns Israel in a New Video

Hamas' military wing released a new video threatening Israel amid a recent escalation between the Jewish State and the Gaza-based terror group.

Hamas Prepares for Confrontation

Hamas Prepares for Confrontation

The video clip warning Israel is only 26 seconds long. Hamas terrorists can be seen getting missiles ready for launch with ominous music in the background. The video warns Israel in Hebrew and Arabic that, “We recommend that you read us correctly—mistakes will not make things better."

Two rockets destroyed a house in Beer Sheva last night (Tuesday in Israel). Another rocket was launched toward the sea.

Israel’s security cabinet held a meeting regarding the recent escalation and warning. Please pray that Hamas’ efforts would be thwarted by Almighty God. Pray that God gives His wisdom to Israeli security leaders as they prepare for this possible war.

Those living in Israel have only seconds to run for shelter. Song For Israel is here to help. We have already placed two bomb shelters in the Gaza region, and have been collecting money for over a year for our third and largest shelter that will be placed in the Eshkol Region just on the Gaza border. Praise God - we have reached our goal and plan to present the check for this third shelter to the Director of Operation Lifeshield when he is with us on March 27 for our event at the Yorba Linda Community Center. Will you donate today and help save lives in Israel as we begin collecting for our fourth bomb shelter project?

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