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Israeli Election Results - Netanyahu offers Gantz a Broad Unity Government

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Election results were pretty much a tie between two parties - Prime Minister and Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu and Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz. Netanyahu said he had no choice but to offer to establish a broad unity government with Gantz. Gantz responded with a statement that he was open to the idea but would not compromise.

“During the elections, I called for the establishment of the right-wing government. But unfortunately the election results show that this is not possible. The people did not decide between the two blocs. Therefore, there is no choice but to form a broad unity government, as broad as possible, made up of all the factions to whom the State of Israel is dear,” Netanyahu said.

He went on to say that the people expect both leaders to show responsibility and work for cooperation. He stated that he was against a third election.

Pray for these two leaders as they bring some of their opposing views to the table to work through for the good of Israel.