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U.S. Sanctions Imposed on Iran are Not Enough

Last July, a team from Song For Israel went to Washington DC to ask our two State Senators and several of our Orange County Congressmen for “crippling sanctions” to be placed on Iran. We were pleased to learn that everyone we visited agreed with our position. This past week, France, Canada, Great Britain and the U.S. imposed new economic sanctions on Iran in an attempt to weaken its economy. It is hoped that Iran will be forced to give up its nuclear weapon plan. Of these four countries placing tougher sanctions, all but the U.S. imposed sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank. President Obama refused to join them.

The U.S. has placed strong sanctions on Iran in the past. Have they worked? Wouldn’t it make sense to place sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank? Why would our President not take the same strong steps as France, Canada and Great Britain?

Perhaps our President does not understand that Iran is being motivated with jihad….holy war. Iran believes that in order to bring in their Twelfth Imam, who will rule the world, they first need to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. They call Israel the “Little Satan.” In addition, they plan to destroy the U.S. after Israel, whom they call “the Great Satan.” Iran says they will “destroy the “Saturday people” first (referring to the Jews, who worship on Saturday/Shabbat) and then the “Sunday people” (referring to Christians, who worship on Sundays). If our President understood and believed this, he would have imposed sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank, in an attempt to cripple Iran's economy and at the very least, detain their progress in completing nuclear bombs.

The time to take action is now, while we still have a voice. Will you begin by contacting your local Congressman to express your views? Will you pray that our President will protect Israel and the U.S. by placing more “crippling sanctions on Iran?” Proverbs 21:1 says “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, Like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.” Please pray that God will turn the heart of President Obama to make the best decisions.