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Important World News

This first week in March presents us with several world events that could radically affect the future. First, Russia will be electing a new Czar on March 4th. Vladmir Putin previously held a political office and that should serve as a warning to the world. He is definitely anti-American. Although recent protest movements against Putin, polls are still indicating that he is expected to win this election. One huge concern is that he plans to rebuild Russia's military strength and pledges to devote $772 billion to do that. When Russia really is not facing any serious threats, why would that kind of money be spent in a nation that is struggling to rebuild?

Another important date is March 5th, when President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet at the White House for talks. The big question on Obama's mind is when will Israel plan to hit Iran and can the United States be instrumental in helping Israel deter Iran's threats to wipe them out, without sparking a full-scale war? Netanyahu is also planning to address the annual AIPAC policy conference.

Our news stations do not cover much of this kind of news, so I am bringing these important dates to your attention as we need to be involved with our Heavenly Father in prayer over these critical issues. Please commit to pray this week that God would have His way in these affairs.

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Blessings and Shalom, Deby and the Song For Israel Team