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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Addresses an AIPAC Audience

After watching many clips of the meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama, as well as clips and news articles from the AIPAC meetings this week, it appears that an Israeli strike against Iran is imminent. It appears that Netanyahu was trying to ascertain if President Obama and the United States would back Israel, should they make the first strike. Although Obama is still stressing sanctions vs. war, it appears that the White House is fully in support of Israel.

Please watch this You Tube to see a clip of Netanyahu sharing at the AIPAC Conference this week.


Many times over, I heard Netanyahu saying, "We have a right to protect ourselves." He reminded the world at the AIPAC meetings that he would not stand back and allow another Holocaust. He said, "I will never let my people live in the shadow of annihiliation." In addition, "Today we have a state of our own. And the purpose of the Jewish state is to defend Jewish lives and to secure the Jewish future. Never again will we not be masters of the fate of our very survival. Never again. That is why Israel must always have the ability to defend itself, by itself, against any threat."

We have tried to place strong sanctions against Iran, but my question is, if gasoline and oil have not been part of those sanctions, how crippling can they be? Perhaps an internal boycott would help? Do some research and find out if the gasoline you purchase is Arab owned? I know of two companies that are not and I ONLY purchase my gasoline from one of those two....even if I have to drive way out of my way. Please blog your comments below.

Netanyahu reminded the world that we have tried sanctions and we have tried stronger sanctions and yet the threat of an Iranian attack on Israel continues to be a strong realty.  Please pray for wisdom for our world leaders, especially Netanyahu and Obama. Please follow the news in the Middle East.

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