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Operation Lifeshield Briefing

Operation Lifeshield is the organization we are working with in Israel to build a bomb shelter.  To donate, click here and then select "Song For Israel Bomb Shelter. Here is an update from them.


Operation Lifeshield Briefing

As I write these words, Israeli mayors, security chiefs, teachers and parents in communities nearby Gaza are discussing and debating whether to reopen schools tomorrow. Over 130 rockets (kassams and Grads) have slammed into Israel in the past 48 hours, causing death, injury and widespread anxiety.

Following the attack on Ashkelon (130,000 citizens) , Mayor Benny Vaknin ordered local elementary schools to remain closed Thursday. The mayor reached the decision following consultations with security establishment officials and parent committee representatives. "The parents' committee representatives told me their children barely slept last night because of the sirens, and some of them suffer from anxiety. After consulting with security officials I decided to keep the schools closed," the mayor said. The residents' safety is the most important thing."

Operation Lifeshield

Operation Lifeshield has fortified several schools in Ashkelon, as well as kindergartens, parks and activity centers throughout the region. The new "mini war" clearly reminds us all that our work is far from over.

Blessings from Israel. Yours truly,

Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director Operation Lifeshield