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Over 120 Rockets were Fired at Israel from Gaza in Three Days

According to the Times of Israel, “Five rockets hit southern Israel early Thursday morning, hours after Hamas announced it would be wiling to cease its fire on Israel.” There were no reports of injuries or damage after the rockets hit the Eshkol region. Gaza Strip was hit later in the day, also with no reports of injuries or damage. According to our insider in Israel, Deena, she writes of these attacks: “So, a responsible, empathetic reader sees this report and breathes a virtual sigh of relief. But here's the thing - it's wrong. Unless it falls in the middle of the desert, miles and miles away from any place where people live (and remember: sound travels REALLY far at night) there IS damage done. People may not be physically wounded, and property may not be damaged, but I believe that everyone who lives in this area suffers from some form or another of post-trauma."

Deena continues: "When you are woken suddenly from sleep by explosions or the pre-explosion beeper screaming in your ear, or the haunting, seemingly calm voice calling out "Tseva Adom, Tseva Adom, Tseva Adom" (Code Red) there is NO way you can get up in the morning feeling fresh and ready to function the way you should."

"When your ears perk up each time you hear a tone or note that is somehow reminiscent of the alerts, you cannot be said to be functioning normally. Even during times of calm. And I am talking from an adult's point of view - an adult who rationalizes and understands what is possible... and what is not. What about the children? Who dares write "no damage"! The damage that is being done to these children is irreparable, irreversible. No one can tell me any different."

So, on the one hand, it is good not to spread panic, and we want people who do not live here and are not experiencing what we are, to feel safe enough to come here in times of calm. But I wish they could find a better wording for the reports. Maybe : No reports of bodily harm or physical damage. Because the way they report it now, is downright belittling and offensive."

"My heart goes out to my friends and colleagues who are going to sleep in unprotected rooms. I wish I could offer them the protection that I have."

Thanks, Deena, for giving us a taste of what you and your neighbors are dealing with inside Israel. We continue to pray for peace in Jerusalem and Israel.