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Does God Give us Directions about Elections?

God’s Word definitely gives us direction when it comes to political elections. He has described the good character of many leaders in Scripture, whether king or prophet.  Below is a description of several leaders.  See if you can determine who is being described? (Answers are found at the bottom of  this page!) Leader #1: This leader obeyed God when he was called to go live in another place he had not heard of.  He acted on the promises of God. He was tested by faith when God asked him even to give up his only son, knowing that God had promised to fulfill His covenant through his descendants.

Leader #2: This leader refused to be called by another name and at the risk of suffering, he believed truth was more important than safety. He listened to God and led the people through some extraordinary circumstances in the wilderness, but because God was first in his life, God used him and performed many miracles through him.

Leader #3: God called this leader to speak to a wicked people who had turned their backs on God. His heart was burdened for the things that burdened God’s heart and he warned the people, that if they did not return to God, their nation would fall.

Leader #4: This leader had a close relationship with God and heard God tell him to do something unheard of to save those who had faith in God while the rest of the people would be destroyed by a flood. He obeyed what God told him to do.

In each case, we see men who followed and obeyed God. Our nation was built on a foundation with God as the center. We, like many of the stories in the Bible, have strayed from the principles that God has set forth in His Word. As a nation, we have allowed things to creep into our laws that do not please God. We need a leader who will bring us closer to what our founding fathers believed in and like the leaders mentioned above. They left their comfy homes in England because they believed there could be a nation who would claim “In God We Trust.” They sacrificed so that we could have freedom to worship the One True God. But we have become lazy and allowed other things (other gods) to crowd out this foundation in God. Did you know that God not only judges the heart of man but also has judgment on nations? That means that the sins that we have committed as a nation, we are responsible for.

One thing that God is clear about politically, is that we are to support and bless Israel. God’s Word is extremely clear on this.  (If you are not sure about this, read Genesis 12-15 or plan to take our Biblical Zionism study in January). We are promised that if we bless Israel, we will be blessed. Our nation needs the blessings of God!

We need a leader as President of the United States, under God. As you think about the upcoming elections, think about the type of person God admires as a leader and select the one closest to that! Remember that 1 Corinthians 10:11 tells us that these things (in Scripture) were written as an example, for our instruction. God does give us direction on how to vote!


Leader #1 - Abraham

Leader #2 - Moses

Leader #3 - Jeremiah

Leader #4 - Noah

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