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A Simulated Strike on Iran

The Institute for National Security studies in Tel Aviv recently held a war game, simulating the first 58 hours after an Israeli strike on the Islamic Republic. It was based on a strike without United Stated participation. The Jerusalem Post, covering this war game, stated that the simulation began with this “announcement: “Al Jazeera reported that Israeli planes attacked nuclear sites in Iran in three assault waves. Following the reports, Israel officially announced it attacked nuclear sites in Iran, since it had no other choice.” This war game stipulated that the strike successfully destroyed Iran’s nuclear sites and that Iran responded with a full attack, firing missiles at Israel and calling on its allies, Hamas, Hezbollah and other radical organizations. The goal was for Israel to de-escalate the conflict and reach an end to the fighting as soon as possible.

The simulated attack did not warn the United States and although the US supported Israel in their decision to attack, the US did not participate.

As a result of this simulation, it is expected that a real attack such as this could set Iran’s nuclear weapons program back by three years.