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Is it SAFE to Visit Israel?

AsSong For Israel opens its doors for an educational tour of Israel this July, many have asked, “is it safe?” Absolutely! “Aren’t there bombings all the time?” With the employment of the “Iron Dome,” and the strongest military in the world, it is the best time to visit Israel.

Bet She'an, Israel

Bet She'an, Israel

Typically when there are bombings, they are on the borders, especially the Gaza strip, but our tour will not be going to those locations. One of the places we will be visiting is the Temple Mount and I would guess that might be the safest place on earth. Not only does Israel claim this to be their most holy site, but so does Islam.  (We will explain the history of all this on the trip!) Everyone wants to protect this holy ground.

We believe it is important for you to visit the holy land because….well, as people say…”it just changes you.” It does. After your trip and from that day forward, as you study Scriptures, you have a visual of where these precious stories took place. The Scriptures seem to come even more alive than before. The culture you visit begins to make more sense. You want to know more and more!

Sea of Galilee, Israel

Sea of Galilee, Israel

The tourist statistics of visitors to Israel during 2012 surpassed the 2011 numbers. Each morning we will be taught about what we are about to explore and spend some time in prayer in that land. What a blessing to pray for Israel IN Israel!

For more information about the upcoming tour called “History On The Move,” July 17-28 in Israel, the State of Palestine and Jordan, please click on this link. There is an option to add a Germany segment June 18-July 6th.

Reserve your spot now for the experience of a lifetime in the Land where Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name) walked!

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