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Israeli Elections January 22nd

Elections for the 19th Knesset will be held in Israel on January 22, 2013. “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday a country with as many enemies as Israel cannot afford a weak ruling party, after polls ahead of Tuesday’s parliamentary election showed a slide in his support,” according to Reuters. In America, elections are a competition between Democrat and Republican votes for President. However, Israel has to deal with 34 parties, the Lukid party being the largest. In addition, when Israeli’s enter the “Kalfi” (Hebrew for ballot box), they will decide the composition of the 19th Knesset (Israel’s parliament) by casting votes for whole parties—not specific candidates.

In Israel, each party, which presents candidates for membership in the Knesset, needs to win at least 2% of the total vote to get two members in. The government will be established based on how many seats each party wins. The President appoints the Prime Minister, usually the leader of the party that won the most votes. At that time, the candidate forms a coalition with other Knesset-elected parties, and the ones not included become the opposition. Thirty-four parties are competing in this election.

The flag of Israel

The flag of Israel

This past Friday’s polls indicate Israel’s right-wing and religious bloc winning a slight parliamentary majority of 63 out of the 120 seats, with current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud-Beitenu group predicted as the largest party in the Knesset. However, his support has been eroding.

Naftali Bennett, the new star of Israel’s political world, is in position to lead the Jewish Home party to succeed in these elections. He is determined to stop the Palestinian state.

Despite the slip in the polls, Netanyahu is still expected to secure his third term as Israel’s Prime Minister.

As with all elections, we need to seek God’s face! What happens in Israel definitely has an effect on the United States as well as the rest of the world.  Israel is the hot spot of the world, and likely so, as Israel is the apple of God’s eye. We would ask that you take a moment and pray for these elections. Ask the Lord to protect His nation, Israel and to put in leadership the party and leader of His choice.

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