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Drone Hit Near Haifa


Operation Lifeshield Briefing    

Israel's Air Force shot down an unmanned aircraft from Lebanon over the Mediterranean Sea opposite the northern Israeli coastal city of Haifa today (Thursday). At around 1:30pm Israel time (6:30am EDT)., the Air Force control system identified the unmanned craft, most likely from Hezbollah, and launched fighter jets into the air. An F-16 jet then fired an air-to-air missile and downed the unmanned aircraft. The remains of the aircraft fell into the sea about 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Haifa's coastline, within Israel's territorial waters. Israel Navy is now searching for the remains of the downed aircraft.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was briefed on the drone's attempt to enter Israel when he was on an Air Force helicopter heading north. Netanyahu's helicopter landed for a short time until the IDF had finished shooting down the drone, and then continued on its course. (Haaretz)

It has been the mission of Operation Lifeshield since it's founding six year ago, to provide safe places for Israelis seeking protection from enemy attacks. We have placed shelters in Northern Israel, and continue to help where possible. I will be touring the northern border region next week, in order to meet with community leaders requesting Lifeshield shelters.

Blessings from Israel.

Yours truly,

Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director
Operation Lifeshield
SONG FOR ISRAEL has been collecting money to help build a bomb shelter through Operation Lifeshield. We will be presenting our check in June, 2013 in person in Israel. We would love to have enough funds to give them to complete a project. Will you help protect lives in Israel by making a donation.....even $10 to help? To donate, please click here.