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While Americans Grieve Boston -- You Can Help Protect From Terrorism

This week Americans grieve those who lost their lives last week during the Boston marathon tragedy. We also pray for the families who lost loved ones and for those recovering from injuries.

Every time Americans are hit with a terrorist attack, it changes us. The scars remain. Anxiety sets in and one worries about when and where the next attack will be.

This is something Israel lives with on a daily basis. Terrorist attacks are common at the Israeli borders. The Israeli’s ask the same questions the Americans ask and they share the same fears. Only God can be our comfort in times of loss.

An intuitive reaction is to help….to make a change…to make our world a better place, especially for those suffering. You can help.

Song For Israel has been collecting donations to help build a bomb shelter in Israel where rockets terrorize the poorer neighborhoods. The newer and wealthier homes in more affluent cities have bomb shelters built into them. But those living near the borders, who struggle to make ends meet, typically do not have shelters and public shelters are not within running distance for safety.

You can help now. We will be bringing a check to Operation Lifeshield, who will be building a bomb shelter with our donations, when we visit Israel this June. A check will be personally delivered to the director so that our project can begin right away. So far, we have collected $2,240 toward this project, but much more is needed. Will you help a struggling family who faces terror attacks on a regular basis? Please make a donation today…no donation is too small.

To read more about our Bomb Shelter project, please click here

To donate, please click here.

Thank you for making a difference!