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Song For Israel's Wonderful Volunteers at the Israel Expo 2013!

Volunteers at the Expo

Song For Israel's second year providing volunteers for the Israel Expo made a huge splash! We were able to supply more volunteers than last year, serving in a wider venue at the Expo! Prior to the event many of us helped by stuffing the goodie bags and preparing a mailer. During the event, we provided help in parking, registration, ticket sales, vendor set up, vendor assistance, & vendor tear down!

Our volunteers came back with some wonderful stories. While they were blessing the Jewish people of Orange County, God was blessing the volunteers!  Read some of their stories:

Linda assisting with Registration

"The registration position is tailor-made for me. I’m sure my “spiritual gift” is hospitality. I just LOVED meeting and greeting people and finding out where they were coming from and sending them in to “have a good day.” It was a wonderful atmosphere and I loved being a part of it. On occasion, I was asked what organization I was with and when I told folks that I was with Song for Israel, a Christian organization that supports Israel, that was met with positive comments! I had a wonderful day. Thanks for the opportunity."  Linda

Camel rides for everyone!

"It was very interesting volunteering before the expo started.  They asked me to walk around and ask if the vendors needed help. Sheila with VFI was very nice and appreciative for my small acts of service for her.  Her husband asked why I was helping - strongly. To support Israel wasn't enough.  I did say I was a Christian and that satisfied him.  Laurie and I blew up 50 to 75 balloons for another vendor.  He was kind and gave us orange wedges, strawberries and water.  Because I left early I didn't use my free food voucher. So I stopped a mother with her child and gave her the voucher. She thanked me.  The Expo was well done!  I wanted to try out a Sagway like the Expo lead staff were using!!  Or a Camel!  Great experience.  Nice people.  It was also nice to see the other people on the Song For Israel team!"  Christy

Volunteers are treated to a free lunch!

Each volunteer received a blue t shirt and a voucher for a free meal! Meals included authentic Israeli food!


Ourvolunteers came from seven local churches and met the day before the Expo to pray together. By the end of the event, they had all become great friends!

"This was my first time volunteering at the Israel Expo and it was a wonderful experience. Everyone was so kind and helpful and grateful for my service. I worked at the check in station. The computer system was fast and easy to use.


Even those registering were surprised at how quickly it went. Everyone was in a good mood and having fun. And later as I enjoyed the festivities, it was fun to recognize the faces of those I registered. It was beautifulto see the American flags and the Israeli flags flying together on the stage. The dance performance and film presentation was amazing! To see everyone stand and move to the stage in honor and respect was very moving. I also loved the camels!  They were beautiful!  All in all, it was a beautiful day!  Looking forward to next year."  Bonnie 

For more pictures, click here for the Orange County Jewish Federation site. Join us next year as we bless the Jewish people in our own backyard! The Expo will be May 18, 2014.