Song For Israel
"Proclaiming God's Eternal Plan for Israel"


Understanding God's Eternal Plan for Israel

Understanding God's Eternal Plan for Israel

Discover God's Purpose for Israel, the Church and the Nations

Next class offered as a Six-Week Class beginning Tuesday, May 7, 9:15 AM

in Orange, California

The story of the Bible is the story of God’s love for the world and his plan to redeem the world. Central to this story is the calling on the nation of Israel. It is essential for us to understand this plan and calling because it has major implications on our worldview, on our prayers, and on our priorities as the Body of Christ.

Today, the belief system of 'Replacement Theology' is once again gathering traction in the Church, influencing a new generation of leaders who see Christian Zionism (Christians that are pro-Israel) as the touchstone of everything that is wrong with the traditional evangelicalism of the previous generation. Christians, no matter what denomination, need to be equipped with the theological understanding to make an informed, balanced and biblically articulate defense of Israel.

If you would like to be able to refute the theological myths that are against Israel or simply acquire a deeper and more balanced understanding of Christian support for Israel, this study series is for you. There are four basic covenants God made with man in the Bible that are interwoven that will be discussed in this class. We will gain an understanding of God's plan for world redemption, using Israel as a vehicle to bring this about.

This Bible study series is based upon Malcolm Hedding’s  Foundational Teaching Series - Biblical Zionism -  a set of teaching materials that have been distributed in  numerous languages across the world.

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" The study was a blessing to me. My knowledge increased in the Word of God and His purpose for Israel concerning the whole world! I especially enjoyed learning more about God's covenants and how He will never, never, never go back on His promises Made to the Jewish people and to me personally as I have been grafted in, Praise God! This study helped me to see Gods bigger picture and how the Bible from beginning to end tells ONE STORY! I have a much greater appreciation for the Jewish people and the instrument of God's love and grace they have been to me personally and to believers of every tribe, tongue and nation." Cathy, Yorba Linda, CA

"This series really tied together numerous books of the bible and made a clear stand on the importance of Israel. All Christians should find the time to take this life-changing study."  Caren, Placentia, CA

Watch for more information about a Summer class to be held in Yorba Linda.