Song For Israel
"Proclaiming God's Eternal Plan for Israel"


Save Lives in Israel - Help NOW With this Emergency Fund

Terrorists are bombarding Israel with rockets that are reaching highly populated areas (Tel Aviv and Jerusalem)!  Lives are being lost. Sirens like the one in the video below are heard on a regular basis and families are running for bomb shelters.

“We live in fear and anxiety….we only have 15 seconds to find a shelter….”

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a bomb shelter. Many do not survive. Even if the Iron Dome intercepts a rocket mid-air, the debris falling is much like bullets being scattered to the earth. Shelter is imperative!

We are stepping up our campaign to build bomb shelters during this time of emergency for Israel. Last year we raised $2,000 and donated it to Operation Lifeshield to build a shelter.  A very small shelter costs $12,000. We need a lot of money to build larger shelters for schools and public places.

Right now, the Israeli Government Ministry is matching funds donated to us for Operation Lifeshield! This new program provides special shelters for social service institutions located in areas hardest hit by rockets launched by Hamas. These matching funds make your donation right now go a lot further to help save lives in Israel.

Please donate NOW during this time of emergency by clicking here.

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