Song For Israel
"Proclaiming God's Eternal Plan for Israel"


Stand With Israel Music Video

Song For Israel stands with Israel! We want to do more than just stand. We are collecting donations to build a bomb shelter for women and children. We have collected over $2,500 so far and with the Israeli government matching our donations, that is $5,000!  Please click here to learn about our bomb shelter project and donate.

Israeli Responses to the Video:

"I saw your video for Israel and I cried the whole time! It is simply amazing and I have no words! I live in Israel and yes, we are going through a really hard time now. I am in Yerushalaim where thank G-d it is not like in the south (!) but still yesterday we had a siren late at night and had to pull children out of bed, etc... it was scary. But... we know that G-d is with us and with all the good people of the world. I am so so touched by what you did!
Love and blessings,"

"I just want to tell you how much joy and tears your song "Israel, You're Not Alone" brought to me. I am not much of a Facebook person but my wife showed me the video which apparently is touching the souls of so many Jews who are currently feeling very alone in the world, almost like when Hitler came to power. Your song reminds us that we do have real friends, like you, motivated by the belief in the One God, whose words contained in the Torah are absolute truth. You have brought much comfort to me and MANY others and I want to bless you with all of God's blessings, material and spiritual. May the One God grant all of you continued strength to persevere in proclaiming His truth in an upside-down world in which falsehood increasingly reigns.
God bless you and thank you SO much!"

"From Jerusalem, a heartfelt Thank You for your support, your song and your love. Your sincerity is apparent and we hope that your message is heard by many."

"thanks for all your thoughts, efforts and activities. And may G-d be with you and bless you, and may you be enveloped in the peace of those who seek Zion and Jerusalem, especially in the face of those who seek it not. (see Jeremiah 30:17)"

"We are so grateful that you are standing with Israel and the Jewish people. Your son made me cry with joy. It warmed my heart. We are grateful to you for your love and support. Please continue to stand strong!"

"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful video "Israel You're Not Alone." My brother sent it to me after seeing it on Arutz Sheva, and, aside from at first being slightly confused because you all looked quasi-Jewish, I felt so touched and awed that you would do that for Israel. All those images of people around the world holding signs saying Israel You're Not Alone made me tear up. We always hear about those who are anti-Israel, considering they're usually vocal and violent; it's heartening to see there exists non-Jewish people who recognize that Israel is in the right and aren't afraid to say it. Thank you, thank you!
Now that I've explored your site, I can also commend you on your support of small farmers. So important!
(And as an aside - really nice photos.)"

"I loved everything about it. I also love the fact that you guys are not hate mongers, nothing about what you do is about hating the enemy, its about loving Israel. I was reminded that this is the major difference between us and them and your activities, clearly demonstrate it. Palestinians supporters are about hating Jews and Israel and our supporters are about loving what is good. We will defend the good, hard, but we are defined by loving what is good, not by the need to defend it."

"I just stumbled over your website and I was so moved. To hear about people who love and support my home, who see the beauty and holiness of Yehuda and the Shomron was truly heart-warming. Thank you for taking this rather uncomfortable stand. These are indeed the days leading up to redemption and you have a part in it. May you be blessed."

"My father, grandfather, great grandfather and all of my three sons are/were dedicated orthodox rabbis. So I think I have some acquaintance with what it takes to be a true servant of G-d. Therefore let me testify that I believe with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my might that you are faithful servants of G-d, par excellence. Thank you, and may G-d reward your sacred service with His abundant blessings in this world and the next"

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