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A Greater Threat--From the North

Below is a letter received from Sally, from our partner congregation in Israel:

Shalom from Kfar Saba!,

I want to update you and give you prophetic perspective from here in Israel.

Last week, once again, Hamas and Israel agreed to a temporary cease fire.  This time it is for 30 days to discuss long-lasting peace.  Interestingly enough, this cease fire was executed exactly 30 days from Rosh Hashanah, which begins September 24th.   If you recall, one of the plans that the Israeli military confiscated, was the plan to cause a pogrom on Israel and her people, to be executed on Rosh Hashanah of this year.  It was to be done through the tunnels that were discovered, and would have involved murder, kidnappings of women and children, and complete devastation to our communities next to Gaza.  Through this discovery, we can only hope that this plan was thwarted.  But only prayer and time will tell.  As of this writing, the cease fire from Gaza is holding.

A new front is in our midst, and that is up North.  Some fear this will be far more devastating to our nation as it involves Hezbollah and Isis.  Already there are rockets flying indiscriminately from Syria and involving the United Nations Peace Keeping forces.  Our forces are prepared, and our people are ready. Now we just wait on the God of Israel, Who never slumbers nor sleeps to watch over us.

While this has certainly been an unusual summer, God is doing amazing miracles!  We have had a few religious Jews come to faith by a dream in the night, and are sharing with others about their new found faith.  In addition, our next generation is responding to your prayers and is developing deeper relationships with Yeshua and each other.

Here are a few prayer points:

  • For God to protect us from terrorist attacks from the south, north and Samaria (just a few days ago, there was a terrorist attack at a border crossing 2 km from us in Kakilia.)
  • For God to direct you and us how to pray for our safety and protection and provision during this time.
  • For our children to be safe in schools and to be a light to those who are fearful due to this summer’s war.
  • For those who are impacted by the war, to be healed from the shock and trauma.

I look forward to what He has in store!

Love you


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