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Bomb Shelters Needed in Israel to Help Save Lives

Israel’s surrounding enemies have acquired sophisticated long-range missiles and are capable of reaching any location within the Israeli borders. Today the Jewish people face annihilation from radical Muslims, including Palestinians and Hezbollah, who continually launch missiles from Gaza to attack towns in southern Israel. The violence escalated sharply since Israel withdrew from Gaza in the summer of 2005. Often, when the air-raid sirens sound in towns such as Sderot or Askelon, there is nowhere for innocent civilians to run for cover. Unfortunately, many do not survive. Because we believe that the Jewish people have a right to live in Israel, Song For Israel believes they have a right to be protected in their land from enemies surrounding them.

"We live in fear and anxiety… We have only 15 seconds to find a shelter..."

Song For Israel recognizes the need for providing bomb shelters to those who cannot afford them.  How frightening it must be to know that your family would not be protected because they have no shelter. We are launching a campaign and will be partnering with “Operation Lifeshield” (a non-profit Israeli charity) to provide one small bomb shelter in Israel. “Operation Lifeshield” has placed bomb shelters at public bus stops and schools in the western Negev, to protect the location population from the recurring rocket barrages. To date, they have donated over 25 shelters in Sderot, Ashkelon and other nearby towns and villages.

Our current project is the Eden Organization, which is located in the Negev region of Israel, impacting thousands of children and teenagers. However, they do not have a bomb shelter at this facility. Song For Israel is partnering with Operation Lifeshield to provide a shelter for them. The bomb shelter will cost $14,000. 

Right now, Song For Israel has already raised $9,600.50 toward this project. We are very close to being able to provide safety for these needy friends in Israel.  Please watch this video and then click here to donate to this project. Thank you for helping us to bless them!

The program provides special shelters for social service institutions located in areas hardest hit by rockets launched by Hamas. Working together with the an Israel Government Ministry, we select a social service institution (i.e. a residential school for troubled teen girls near the Gaza border) and raise funds for a special shelter. OperationLifeshield pays half the amount, and Israel pays the other half. 

The shelter will serve as a lasting testimony of Christian love to those who seek safety and comfort inside. It is a wonderful opportunity to express love to the Jewish people. In 2013, we collected over $2,000 and presented our check on our 2013 Israel tour. Help us in 2015 to present an even larger amount to help save lives.  This campaign ends June 30, 2015.

We can make a difference in Israel. We are asking you to partner with us to protect the lives of our Jewish friends in Israel. Very soon, we will be able to give you information about the city where this will be placed and we will provide regular updates on the progress of this campaign .  Start by making a donation today and know that you are helping people find safety because of your gift.

To donate to the Bomb Shelter Project in Israel, please click here.