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Three Weeks Left in our Israel Bomb Shelter For Abused Girls Campaign

The project in Israel that we support is called the Eden Center for girls, ages 12 - 18, who have been removed from abusive situations only to find themselves a short two miles from Gaza. Being that close to Gaza gives the girls only a quick 7-second run, once the siren sounds, to make a run for a bomb shelter for safety. During non-war times, they continue to experience one or two rockets headed in their direction per week. 

Regular and frequent rocket fire from Hamas-controlled Gaza into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea indicate the steady buildup and recovery of the terrorist organization's weapons stockpiles, reports Shmuel Bowman, Director of Operation Lifeshield. Shmuel met with Israeli Navy soldiers yesterday who confirmed that they personally witnessed  Hamas exercises involving the firing of rockets into the sea, which clearly indicates an eventual plan to initiate another round of violence against Israeli communities.  They are monitoring the situation closely and are actively doing as much as possible to help prepare for fresh rocket attacks.

Our campaign to help the girls will be completed in only three weeks when we will personally present a check to Shmuel Bowman at Operation Lifeshield, who will install the shelter at the Eden Center. 

Please watch the video below and then plan to make a donation to help us reach our goal. This shelter will cost $14,000 and we have collected $9,750 to date! We need your help before another war breaks out or a rocket hits the middle of the Eden Center and takes the life of a young girl. Click here to donate. (Please write "Bomb Shelter" on your donation for this project).